Our Story

Masak in Malay means cook, or to cook. The root word of Ibunda is ibu, which means mother. Anda is my or mine, together with the word, ibu it becomes Ibunda, meaning my mother.

When the 2 words, masakan, noun for masak, and Ibunda are used jointly, it refers to mother’s cooking, or food from my mother’s kitchen.

At Ibunda, we are passionate about sharing our grandmother’s recipes of kampong-days in specially formulated dried spice-rempahs, like rendang, lemak padang, curry, masak merah, sambal belado with the busy homemakers and expatriates living abroad, who have very little time to prepare these spice-formulation . . . sharing with them the true essence of mother’s cooking. Most major ingredients are in the dried spice formulation. All you need to add is choice of ad-mix, coconut-milk or tomato-puree, and choice of leaf enhancer like curry-leaf, coriander-leaf or kaffir lime-leaf.

Dried spice ingredients like curry-powder, chili, coriander ketumbar, cumin jintan halus, fennel jintan kasar, ginger halia, turmeric kunyit, lemon grass serai, galangal lengkuas and also, onion-powder bawang besar and garlic-powder bawang puteh are traditionally formulated the way grandmother had done it.

1    chili
2    turmeric
3    onion
4    ginger/galanga
5    lemon-grass
6    garlic
7    coriander-leaf
8    kaffir lime-leaf
9    coconut-milk
10  curry-leaf
11  tomato puree
12  fennel
13  chili powder
14  curry powder
15  bayleaf
16  cardamon
17  clove
18  cinnamon
19  cumin
20  black pepper.

These spice-ingredients have certain medicinal benefits too.

From times immemorial, we have been eating certain vegetables, roots, bulbs, curds and whey ... without knowing their curative and nutritive qualities ... just eat them in required quantity, in the right combination and lead a long healthy life. Make your kitchen, kitchen-garden a veritable chest of reviving, fresh and tasty 'medicines' ! Ayurvedacharya Vipul Rao, 'Improve Your Health With Turmeric', Diamond Pocket Books, New Dehli

The specially formulated spices, ready for cooking, can be easily prepared by a novice for themselves to eat, or for a party, if they are entertaining, in just 20 minutes, or less

1   Mix spice-formulation with water
2   Pour paste into pan of warm oil
3   Marinate meat in paste
4   Add in coconut-milk, or tomato-puree (depending on base-type)
5   Enhance with leaf-enhancer. Finish with salt to taste.

A novice can show off their culinary-knowledge without any skill in cooking. Cook all 7 dishes by following our step by step instruction. Find out how to get IBUNDA's FREE  E Cook Book. 
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